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Idle-action hybrid RPG

Shining Beyond is an online role-playing mobile game that caters to any playstyle. Developed by the creators of the hit RPG, Valiant Force, this game will take you on an epic adventure filled with monsters and daunting challenges. The game stands at the crossroads between rewarding offline hero progression and immersive gameplay. With this, players can choose the style that fits them best and customize their ideal roster of heroes.

Build your team of heroes

Shining Beyond takes players into a new realm within the shared universe of Valiant Force. In the game, the realm of Feldria is under the threat of an eldritch evil, who is out to take all hope from the already war-torn land. You and your small band of heroes must work together to resist this villain. Your aim in the game is to rise against the new empire and become the force of hope against tyranny. 

You need to build a dream team of four heroes from a roster of more than 50 playable characters. You can customize each hero to combo with one another and provide support during battles. It offers deep customization, allowing players to not only customize their characters but their entire playstyle as well. You can spend your gaming clearing dungeons, action-RPG style, or you may choose to enable the AI to help you remove the strain of the grind. You can also link up with two other friends and take down enemies with a combined party size of 12. 

It also boasts a stunning 2D and 3D art, bringing each hero to life. It also comes with an original soundtrack that can hype you up during battle. More than the main campaign, the game also introduces new lore, special battles, and challenging mechanics with each update. As noted, the game allows you to improve your heroes, even if you are offline. You can earn resources, treasures, and more while you are away from the game. 

Stunning and challenging game

Shining Beyond is a game worth trying for fans of action-RPGs. Despite having a traditional storyline, the game caters to any playstyle, providing players the freedom on how they complete the campaign. More, it offers a wide selection of heroes with an in-depth job system, so you can build the hero team of your dream. The visuals and soundtrack are also worth noting as it brings the heroes to life on the battlefield and on your screen.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Deep customization
  • Caters to any playstyle
  • Offline hero progression


  • Implied violence
  • Can be heavy on the resources


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Shining Beyond


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